Northwest Video

Introduction to Northwest Video

What is Northwest Video?

Northwest Video is a video repository web site where Northwest faculty and staff can securely and easily upload video content. Northwest faculty and staff automatically have accounts with the system and can use it immediately. The site provides a clean and simple interface to upload a video and also provides a video player that can easily be embedded within an eCollege course site to allow students to view content.

Northwest Video is a video storage site, NOT an open, social web site where anyone can browse through and watch any video. It is left up to you to make videos available to students by embedding within eCollege course sites. Content posted within Northwest Video is secure and not available to the general public.

Why should I use Northwest Video instead of another video sharing site?

Northwest Video offers several advantages compared to other video sites, listed below.

Northwest Video is under complete control by Northwest Missouri State University.

  • Northwest Video's login system is integrated with the Northwest domain. Your username and password are synchronized with your network/email account. This means Northwest Video won't be just another account and password to remember, and when you change your Northwest password, it will automatically be changed here.
  • Faculty and Staff automatically have accounts with Northwest Video. No registration is necessary. Faculty and Staff may immediately use the site without performing any setup at all.
  • Since the site is maintained by Northwest, features and limits can be changed as necessary.

Northwest Video is secure and not available to the general public.

  • The general public on the Internet cannot access Northwest Video to browse through and watch videos. Content stored here is for Northwest students only.

No distractions

  • No advertisements or pop-ups.
  • No comments.
  • No "Related Videos."