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Be cognizant of the specific policies and privacy laws of your workplace and industry. Our expectation is that Northwest students abide by all worksite rules for professional conduct in their respective industries/careers. If you have questions about confidentiality matters, please check with your employer supervisor before uploading a photo to the contest. Thank you.

Get creative. Take a picture of yourself with the company’s product or in front of the company or school district’s sign. A picture of you with new work friends, teaching/presenting or preparing for an event can tell your story. The photo is meant to be representative of something you have done or are doing so have fun with it.

Write a description of 300 words or less and an interesting caption as well. There is no minimum, but this is a competition so you don’t want to sell yourself and your entry short. Explain in your best writing style why your experience is awesome. Ask a friend to read it over and provide you with feedback.

Nothing will be posted on our website until your submission is approved by Career Services. You will receive an email when your submission is approved.